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Must-Read of the Day: Hacking the NFL

Spencer Hall of SB Nation has decided to reinvent the gridiron game to make it more interesting. Part of the NFL’s wretched conservatism comes from the luxury of having four downs, the first two of which are usually spent throwing short routes or just pounding meaninglessly into the line because “you have to establish the run.” […]Read More

American Football

Welcome to Our National Holiday

So, are you ready for one last NFL game before 2012? I know, I know, it’s not the day to think about such things. It is indeed America’s sporting national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday, and as you might expect, I have absolutely no hope of being objective today. My team gets to play in the big […]Read More

American Football

Stephen Burbank Cancels 2011-12 NFL Season

The man in this photo is Stephen Burbank. He is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. You can see his faculty page here. His Wikipedia entry includes this bit of info: In November 2002, a federal court appointed Burbank special masterof the National Football League. In that role, he resolves certain categories of disputes between the NFL Players […]Read More

American Football

The Pro Bowl Should Be Replaced, Not Saved

Once upon a time, NFL players cared about playing football in the Pro Bowl. This is what they did yesterday instead. Notice how nobody seemed all that interested in hitting anyone. There was no blitzing, no real blocking (it wasn’t really needed), and no tackling. This might have been the players deciding that they weren’t […]Read More


Requiem for an American Soccer Club

The uncertainty is always there. In the divisions of American soccer below MLS — and occasionally, as a few Florida residents might tell you, in MLS itself — there’s always a chance that the club you support won’t be around for very long. Club owners arrive with big talk of making soccer work in this […]Read More


This Is What Being a Football Fan Looks Like…

Our pal Gary Vaynerchuk has always worn his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the New York Jets, so it’s little surprise to see this reaction from him after the Pittsburgh Steelers stomped his Jets for 30 minutes, then held them at bay just enough in the 2nd half to win the AFC Championship and […]Read More


Football Removes Stigma From Haitian Amputees

Once upon a time, anyone who had a limb amputated was considered an outcast in Haiti. Then a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck a year ago, and all of the sudden, a large portion of the country knew someone who had lost a limb. That mindset clearly had to change. Football has proven to be the driving […]Read More


France May Struggle to Repeat its 6 Nations Sweep

Sometimes, trying to cover 7 different football codes on one blog requires a little outside help. With that in mind, Richard Smith of Live Football Scores is keeping an eye on next month’s RBS Six Nations rugby union competition. This week, Richard examines whether last year’s winner, France, will be able to run the table again like […]Read More