American Football

Drew Brees Still Has Two Milestones To Eclipse

Last night, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s single-season NFL passing record in a blowout win over the Atlanta Falcons. Marino set the old record of 5,084 yards with the Miami Dolphins in 1984. Brees now sits at 5,087 yards. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that he broke this record in 15 games. […]Read More


Does The Europa League Matter Now?

I’ve written in the past about searching for meaning in trophies, and whether winning a competition — any competition — means more to top-flight clubs than the financial windfall that comes with finishing in a top league position. Fans, of course, want the trophies. Last April, I posed this question to a few Manchester City supporters: […]Read More


A Photo Five Years In The Making

It took five full seasons and a whole lot of grief, but last night, Major League Soccer finally got the photo it had wanted for so long: David Beckham, the most famous footballer on the planet — which he was, at least, in 2007 when he signed that $32.5 million deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy — lifting the […]Read More

Aussie Rules

International Rules Football Is A Dog’s Game

Yesterday, our pals at Dirty Tackle decided to highlight a Copa Sudamericana match in which a dog invaded the pitch and held up play for 3 minutes. The suggestion that this dog might have been “the most successful pitch invader ever” falls flat, however, when you consider this rather famous moment from the International Rules series […]Read More


USA Eagles Earn First Rugby World Cup Win Since 2003

While most of you were paying more attention to the Philadelphia Eagles, a completely different team of Eagles beat the Russians 13-6 in New Zealand. That win was the USA Eagles’ first Rugby World Cup win since a 2003 victory over Japan. You can also try your luck with best pokies online. The USA is 1-1 […]Read More


Want to Watch the Rugby World Cup in America? Pay

If you need any further proof that the 2011 Rugby World Cup lacks any pull in the USA, just examine the television coverage. It seems like the coverage and accessibility of the Rugby World Cup in the USA are facing significant challenges, mainly due to limited television coverage and high costs associated with online streaming and pay-per-view […]Read More

American Football Soccer

Football Is Still What We Make It

The best thing about football is that we can play it any way we want it. This is also the worst thing about football. That’s because fans have this nasty tendency to prattle on about the superiority of their chosen football code like it’s their team. “Our football is the real football!”, they shout as loudly as possible, as if extra decibels […]Read More

American Football

NFL Owners, Players Sort It Out

NFL football is back. Technically, of course, NFL football never left, as this all happened from March to July, but even that thought didn’t piss on the parades of gridiron fans today as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Players Association boss DeMaurice Smith stood in front of reporters and announced that both sides agreed to a […]Read More


Pin The Fail On The Bradley

Jonathan Bornstein is quite popular in Honduras. He might want to consider hiding there for a while. Yes, you could say it was unfortunate that Steve Cherundolo, the USA’s starting right back, sprained his ankle so soon after his team had taken a seemingly improbable lead against Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final. Cherundolo had been […]Read More


Our Own Private CONMEBOL

One of the side benefits of being an international soccer fan is the frequent refresher course in geography. Every so often, we are encouraged to grab a globe or fire up Google Maps, and we find ourselves saying, “Oh, so that’s where Slovenia is,” or, “Wow, that flight from London to Donetsk must be rough.” Some lessons, however, […]Read More