Different types of horses

Horse Racing and new casinos online games  have always been a very popular sport in America and around the World. There are several types of races. All these races come under the harness racing category. The main objective of horse racing is to win a prize or purse money.

Flat Races

It’s one of the most common types of races where both horses run at equal paces on the track for a distance which varies from 500 meters to 1200 meters. This is the first round of all the horse races. But if any horse wins more than 5 times then it can be called a ‘Big Win’.

Steeple Chase

It’s another form of the Flat Race but with some extra features like jumps over fences. You have to clear the hurdles placed over the fence so that your horse can pass them easily. In this case, the horse will need to have more speed due to the jumping obstacles. If a horse clears all hurdles before the finish line then he/she gets a higher rank in the race.

Hurdle Race

It’s almost similar to the Steeple Chase. The only difference is that here we don’t have many fences instead, there are two poles placed parallel to each other. Both poles have a gap between them through which horses must jump through to complete the race. This gives an edge to the horses having greater endurance due to being able to hold their breath longer than others. These races are the most difficult ones because it requires stamina and endurance.

Jump Race

Here we have only one pole. Instead of having a gap between the poles, they overlap each other giving an obstacle for the horses to leap over. If a horse clears the pole successfully then it becomes the winner of the race.

Pick 4

Just like the name suggests, it is a pick-four type of race. The basic concept is the same as the Pick 6. Each player picks four numbers out of six numbers and those numbers are combined to produce the total number.


Horse racing is one of the most types of betting that is done world wide. Above were some of the types of horses. Nowadays you can now bet on horse racing at any pokies online without the hassle of travelling to a land-based casino.

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