3 Major styles that are in Wrestling?

You probably already know that there are three major styles of wrestling: Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Learn more about each type of wrestling below.

Greco-Roman Wrestling

This is the most popular form of wrestling in North America and Europe that is liked by online roulette players. The only difference between this type of wrestling and other forms is that it’s held on a mat instead of a ring and that participants wear different weight classes based on their body size. The two categories of wrestlers are lightweight (60 kilos or less for men and 50 kilos or less for women) and heavyweight (more than 60 kilograms for men and over 50 kilograms for women).

Freestyle Wrestling

This is arguably the fastest-growing sport in the world. It’s also the most diverse in terms of style and culture. Participants use a wide range of moves to try to pin their opponent down or force them to submit. Unlike freestyle wrestling, Greco-romantic wrestling has no weight classes. Instead, participants compete against one another based on their strengths. The best example of freestyle wrestling would be the World Wrestling Championships.


The last form of wrestling is mixed martial arts, which includes many types of martial arts including jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing, and savate — a French discipline similar to karate — sambo, taekwondo, submission grappling, and others. This kind of wrestling involves striking as well as throws and takedowns. Most often, MMA fights involve three separate 5-minute rounds with a 10-minute intermission separating them. Each round consists of five minutes of actual fighting followed by four minutes of rest. Rounds can end via referee stoppage, technical knockout, or points decision. Points are awarded for significant strikes to the head, neck, knees, or elbows, while technical knockouts come when an athlete falls to the ground unconscious.


Wrestling is a very popular sport across the globe. While each style of wrestling has its unique rules and competitions, you’ll find similarities among all three. With practice, however, you too could become a fan! Moreso, there are wrestling best payout casino games that you can enjoy playing. You just need to visit an online casino site and start playing.

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