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The Special Ones

There are, of course, some obvious differences between Rex Ryan and Jose Mourinho. The latter has a case full of trophies as manager, while the former’s only ring came when he was a defensive line coach for the Baltimore Ravens team that won Super Bowl XXXV. Plus, it’s only obvious that one of them eats […]Read More

American Football

Roger Goodell Hates You and Your Pregnant Wife

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can be accused of many things. Caring about the players that are the centerpiece of the league he runs clearly isn’t one of them. We all had a sense of this already, what with his seemingly arbitrary system of fining players and his unbendable demand for an 18-game season, which will only result in less […]Read More

American Football Soccer

Why Spurs Might Want David Beckham

There’s a longstanding tradition in the NFL of teams picking up players cut by their division rivals before the start of the season. The idea behind this is simple. These players have spent months in training camp and other off-season activities with a certain team. They have insight into the mindsets of those players and […]Read More

Canadian Football

Rouge Makes Canadian Football More Fun

Canadian football offers a distinct experience compared to its American counterpart. One of the key elements that sets it apart is the rouge, or single point. This unique scoring rule adds a layer of strategic excitement to the game, often leading to thrilling last-minute plays like the one described between the Montreal Alouettes and Toronto […]Read More

Canadian Football

Spot Kicks: A Time Warner Cable Rant

I’m sure I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I hate Time Warner Cable. I loathe this company with the heat of a thousand blue stars. If all their executives and “customer service” representatives were sucked out of an airlock into deep space, I would kiss that airlock opener square on the mouth. […]Read More

Canadian Football

NFL Network Begins Airing CFL Games Tonight

Need a break from the World Cup? Want to start getting your gridiron fix early, brain studies be damned? You’re in luck. It’s Canada Day north of the border, and our neighbors are celebrating properly — with football. The Canadian Football League season kicks off tonight at 7:00 PM, as the Montreal Alouettes travel west […]Read More