Usain Bolt Tries Gaelic Football

We’ve already seen Usain Bolt have a mini-kickabout at the Bernabeu, but how is he when he has the option to use his hands? The boys from Kerry County found out recently, as they taught the world’s fastest man a few of the finer points of Gaelic Football. Given Bolt’s height and speed, I’m surprised they […]Read More

Canadian Football

Spot Kicks: Youth Football Looks Awesome

Meet Nyrel Sevilla. He’s six years old, and he’s here to knock your sorry ass into next week, bitch. And unlike Ben Roethlisberger, he’ll never have any trouble playing with a concussion. Here’s a quick glance at some other stories worth reading: The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost the Grey Cup when Montreal’s missed field goal was […]Read More

Gaelic Football

The Tragedy of International Rules

You know what the real problem is with International Rules Football? They only play it twice a year. International Rules Football, despite its limited exposure and occasional skepticism, holds the potential to become a globally celebrated sport if given the opportunity. Its unique blend of elements from Australian Rules Football and Gaelic football presents a […]Read More


Mighty Lester plays blues for Stephen Davis

So I’m out here at the Durham Armory watching my pal Lenny and Mighty Lester play another massive blues set tonight. After one houserockin’ number that left me a little breathless on the dance floor, I went back to my seat and took a break by grabbing my Treo and checking a feed or two. That’s when […]Read More


No gas face for Jay Feely

Not this week, anyway. Two weeks removed from a kicker’s worst nightmare, Feely made 4 field goals today, including a 38-yard game-winner in OT to give the Giants a 26-23 win over the Eagles. The Giants maintain a one-game lead over the Cowboys in the NFC East. And after all those close finishes in the […]Read More


Cowboys 31, Chiefs 28

After a long drive, Dallas had 4th & goal on the 4, and Kansas City got called for a rather obvious defensive holding penalty, giving the Cowboys an automatic first down. It was a bad break for the Chiefs, who looked like they were going to hold the Cowboys until that mistake. Two plays later […]Read More


Overtime in the Illadelph

The Giants and Eagles are tied at 23 at the end of regulation. The Redskins fans behind me are rooting for the Eagles and Chiefs right now, because that helps their team’s cause. Of course, I’m rooting for Dallas — not an easy thing to do for me — because that will drop the Chiefs […]Read More


Drew Brees gets the gas face

With 2:31 left and the Chargers down by 6, Drew Brees’ offensive line left the safety blitz through, forcing a Brees fumble deep in San Diego territory. People will be asking tomorrow why Drew Brees dropped back to pass so much while LaDainian Tomlinson only got 22 touches. Maybe Cam Cameron isn’t as good a […]Read More


Brian Billick gets the gas face

Kyle Boller is fun to watch. How many players in the NFL are unable to tuck the ball under their arms without fumbling? Seriously, any other coach would have given up on this guy three weeks ago, but not Brian Billick. Oh, no, he’s going down with the boat he built. Late in the 4th, […]Read More