And Now, Jimmy Nutini’s Soccer-Style NFL Shirts

These images have been kicking around these here interwebs for the last couple of days. You’re probably wondering where they came from.

They are the work of one Jimmy Nutini, an aspiring designer and self-proclaimed “logo nerd” from Rhode Island who wondered what NFL jerseys might look like if they were soccer shirts. So he grabbed a template pack for Photoshop and had at it, posting the results here.

Those results have been most impressive thus far. I would love to see the NFL make these designs available as actual shirts — replacing the ads with numbers, of course, because nobody really wants to be a walking ketchup billboard. Granted, the current NFL regime would probably be more likely to send young Jimmy a cease-and-desist letter for “unauthorized use of NFL logos” — which would be pigheaded and dumb, but in light of recent events, far from atypical.

You can see the all the designs Jimmy has released thus far after the jump. As much as the Seahawks’ color scheme still annoys me, these Seahawks shirts look better than anything the Sounders have worn in the last decade.

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