October 27, 2020

Author : Toby C

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The new digs

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Why did I wait until now, after 14 weeks of NFL football, to give this blog its own URL? For…


EA Sports cut blocks all comp

Just last week, I mentioned that Tecmo Super Bowl was the first football video game to use NFL and NFL Players Association licenses, allowing them use…


“The energy is back.”

Michael Smith, like so many other football pundits, has fallen hard for the Carolina Panthers… Carolina is all about playing a certain style of football. Defense…


NFC Playoff Picture

1. Philadelphia (12-1) 2. Atlanta (10-3) 3. Green Bay (8-5) 4. Seattle (7-6) — 5. Minnesota (7-6) 6. Carolina (6-7) — 7. St. Louis (6-7)…


Panthers 20, Rams 7

St. Louis Rams backup QB Chris Chandler, starting in place of the injured Marc Bulger, threw 6 interceptions today. Look, that’s really all you need…


Steelers 17, Jets 6

Click here for final game stats from NFL.com. Curtis Martin may have passed Jerome Bettis on the all-time rushing list, but Bettis got the last…


Everybody’s gotta be clever

It seems awfully popular today for non-quarterbacks to throw the ball. Jerome Bettis just completed a TD pass to Jerame Tuman to give the Steelers…