Halftime: Panthers 20, Rams 7

Trying to watch two games at once is very difficult. From the looks of it, though, the Carolina defense is doing the job today, shutting down the run, intercepting Chris Chandler three times and generally making life for Chandler pretty awful. The Rams’ veteran backup QB does have one big play — a 75-yard TD pass to Torry Holt — but beyond that, the Panthers have done the job well.

Jake Delhomme has looked pretty good — 13-for-19, 162 yards and 1 TD pass to Muhsin Muhammad. RB Nick Goings has the other TD, though anyone looking at the replay might have questioned the call. I was a little surprise Rams head coach Mike Martz didn’t challenge it.

The Seahawks already won today. Things aren’t looking so good for St. Louis right now…

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