The new digs

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Why did I wait until now, after 14 weeks of NFL football, to give this blog its own URL?

For starters, I didn’t realize just how much fun I was going to have writing it. For another, the web space I have at is paid up through the end of January, so I figured I might as well make use of it.

Of course, then I did a Google search on “football blog” a couple of weeks ago and found my site on page 1. Then it hit me that I got there with almost zero effort at publicity. That’s when I started wondering how many people were actually reading this thing…

So I have switched to a new web hosting service, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. At the very least, the new service will let me look at some web stats and determine if I actually have an audience beyond Paul and Angela. If I do, maybe I can throw a few ads up here and make enough extra cash to go get that Antwaan Randle El replica jersey I’ve been wanting. (Because it makes no sense to have a custom Permanent4 jersey if I’m planning on leaving the whole Permanent4 thing behind, y’know?)

Anyway, not much else will change here, save for a few extra features here and there as I learn my way around this new web space. I’ll still be pointing you to news about the Steelers and Panthers, poking fun at Tim Couch and offering up my views on the National Football League, all from way up here in the cheap seats. I’m just a fan like you, and this is what I see.

So meet the new site, same as the old site. Enjoy your stay.

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