You’re no Joe Montana

You gotta love Skip Bayless. That man’s caffeine-addled brain is responsible for some of the best rants in sports journalism today — likeĀ this little screed on Tom Brady

Let’s start with the 2001 playoffs, when New England got nothing but breaks. Fate lifted a second-year, sixth-round pick named Brady from fourth string into Drew Bledsoe’s starting job, and nobody paid much attention to the kid until he had won Super Bowl MVP. There was nowhere near the pressure of expectations on Brady that recently turned Pittsburgh rookie Ben Roethlisberger into a playoff pumpkin. And who remembers now that Brady’s fumble should have eliminated the Patriots in their divisional playoff game that year?

Yes, who can forget the Snow Job game and the worst call I’ve ever seen in the playoffs? Please, Patriots fans, don’t e-mail me about the Tuck Rule unless you have carefully read it and can cite the sentence that clearly and completely exonerates Brady.

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