Your 2011 Premier League Fantasy Champion Is…

Joe Plumber, manager of N’gog we trust 4evra. So long as you don’t leave Andy Carroll to Jonny Evans, ya know?

For finishing top of a table with more than 200 entries, Joe will receive a $100 gift certificate to, which has licensed jerseys for all the big European clubs and MLS clubs, plus plenty of gear for players. Congratulations, Joe.

And where was I during all this?

Yep, there I am, comfortably mid-table but not even close to getting a whiff of the top — kind of like Everton, except I waited until after the start of the calendar year to take my title-costing tumble. I’m happy with a top-50 finish this year, though. Keeping up with this team for 38 rounds is a lot tougher than keeping up with the World Cup for month.

Or keeping up with the Champions League….

There’s one more prize on offer, folks. Stay tuned.

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