Why this won’t be the year for the Saints

There’s no love at home.

New Orleans used to have a passion for this team. It isn’t there anymore. The Saints have sold 32,000 season tickets, down from the low 50,000s of a few years back. Apathy is around. Fans are tired of losing. It doesn’t help they play in one of the worst stadiums in the league, the cavernous and often dead-sounding Superdome. Benson wants and needs a new facility. The state has no money for it. But if the Saints don’t start winning, and the fans don’t come, they might not have the Saints much longer. Los Angeles may become a very real possibility.

Here’s my question. When the Saints finally head west, will there be any realignment in the NFC? Would the Los Angeles Saints of Anaheim swap places with the St. Louis Rams? I bet the Buccaneers would love that one…

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