Why am I still here?

Because there’s a shootout in Cincinnati right now. The Colts are up early, 21-10, and it’s worth watching for a while.

And I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and really, where else am I going to go?

The more I think about that Steelers-Ravens game, the more I think it set the art of quarterbacking back about 10 years. Boller just happened to make a few more plays than Maddox in OT, and a lot of that falls on the Steeler D being a little less effective on the blitz than the Ravens. Neither guy looked particularly good, though. If Ben or Charlie were in there, it would have been a whole different story.

Alas, you play the hand you’re dealt, and the Steelers couldn’t make a hand on the river. Better luck next week — and judging from the way the Colts are playing right now, they’ll need it.

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