Steelers got a big ol’ “but”

While Pittsburgh fans continue to insist that the Steelers were the best team in the NFL this season, head coach Bill Cowher has already moved on. So says our man in Pittsburgh, Alan Robinson of AP:

On Wednesday, a defiant Cowher said the Steelers’ 41-27 loss to New England on Sunday will be a springboard to more successes, not a stopping point for a franchise that lost its fourth AFC championship game at home in 11 seasons.

Cowher, no doubt aware his team is being dismissed again for its inability to win a big game, said these Steelers set a high standard for his future teams with their unselfishness and ability to overcome adversity.

“Please do not allow the one game to define this season,” Cowher said. “To finish 16-2, 15-1 in the regular season, and win 15 straight games is quite an achievement.”

Unfortunately, there’s always a “but” with a season like this. They only lost two games, but… They beat both New England and Philly in the regular season, but… They got home field advantage through out the playoffs, but… Everyone will remember that they were a really good team with a rookie QB who hit the wall in the playoffs.

Yes, that should be a springboard toward bigger things, but you have to wonder how much longer Steeler Nation is going to sit back and be content with good teams that never seem to win the most important games. I like the guy, but If this happens a few more times, fans will start to look at Cowher the same way N.C. State fans look at Herb Sendek these days.

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