Slash and burn

lark Judge asks a question that absolutely baffles me: “Kordell Stewart, where are you?”

It seems Mr. Judge cannot understand why Stewart, an MVP candidate 4 years ago, is now unsigned and unwanted by most NFL teams.

Clark, let me lay it out for you. Kordell Stewart never should have been a quarterback. He was far more dangerous as a wideout and kick returner, and if he had any sense, he would not have insisted he was a quarterback. He was always inconsistent in the pocket, and his AFC playoff performances over the years proved he would never be able to lead a team to the Super Bowl. Now he’s older and a step slower and not all that interesting to anyone.

Think about this: if Stewart were such a great QB, why did Tommy Maddoxreplace him?

Had Kordell Stewart stayed at wideout, I think we would be talking about him in the same breath as Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison. Plus, the Steelers would have drafted Chad Pennington instead of Plaxico Burress in 2000, and he would have had a hell of a deep threat in Stewart.

Now, Stewart is an example of what not to do with your NFL career. You think Antwaan Randle El and Ronald Curry haven’t learned from Slash’s mistakes? Those two will likely have longer and more fruitful careers in the NFL than Kordell Stewart. Just watch.

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