Seahawks 24, Giants 21, OT

So here’s how that long-ass overtime went…

The Giants held the Seahawks yet again on their first drive. A key New York blitz on 3rd down set up good field position for the Giants near midfield.

Then, despite yet another false start penalty, which made 111 on the day, the Giants moved the ball to the Seattle 36-yard line, setting up another, much longer field goal attempt for Jay Feely. He came up short. In the CFL, he would have had a rouge, and the game would have been over, and that would have sucked.

The Seahawks next drive stalled again before they could get in field goal range, and New York got it again from their own 20. Tiki Barber changed that quickly with a 49-yard run, helping to set up a 45-yard attempt for Feely. He missed that one short, too. If Feely has a job by next week, I’ll be shocked.

Matt Hasselbeck then found D.J. Hackett in Giants’ territory and got the crowd back into the game. Two Shaun Alexander runs got Seattle inside the 20. That set up Josh Brown for a 37-yard field goal attempt. It went through.

Sorry, Clarence. Your team’s kicker sucks.

So the Giants failed to take control of the NFC East, and Seattle maintains the top seed in the NFC Playoff race. More on this tomorrow, when my Treo’s battery isn’t near death. See y’all then…

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