Putting the ILL in Illadelph

Okay, I’m now catching up from my post-Super Bowl malaise — that point in the year when I realize that football season is over until September, my Sundays are free again, and I have little else to do but sit around and daydream about Nikki Cappelli having a wardrobe malfunction in my living room…

That malaise, however, was nothing compared to what Donovan McNabb went through in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX. According to his teammates, McNabb was so sick at that point that there was no way he could have run a hurry-up offense effectively. He spent those last few minutes trying to stop himself from hurling on the field.

Y’know, if I were center Hank Fraley, I might have blown a time out there and brought McNabb over to the sidelines so that he could hurl there. He might have felt better, and they would have had a enough time left on the clock that an onside kick might not have been needed.

Of course, I’ve never played in the Super Bowl, so what do I know?

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