Plax’s lawyers turn the dogs away

Chuck Potter may be no relation to that little fictional bastard Harry, but he pulled off a nice bit of magic in getting Moon Township to drop the tax charges against his client, Plaxico Burress.

According to Potter, Plax couldn’t possibly owe Moon Township back taxes from 1998 to 2002 because 1.) Plax didn’t actually have a residence in Moon Township until after he was drafted by the Steelers in 2000, and B.) Plax has a “homestead exemption” in Florida, which means only the state of Florida can claim him as a legal resident, no matter how much time he spent in Pennsylvania.

Said Plax’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, “I believe this is a misunderstanding and there won’t be any problems in the future.” This marks the first time Rosenhaus has actually commented on something in weeks.

Thus, the bitter Steelers fans of Moon Township will have to find another way to pay for those new teacher salaries. Such is life in the ‘burbs…

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