Lions fans vote with their feet

I watched a little bit of the Rams-Lions preseason game last night. Watching Detroit fans boo in the second quarter and begin their mass exodus halfway through the third quarter was far more amusing than the average episode of Mind of Mencia. (Sure, the Pope Cheech I bit was really funny, but c’mon…) If the Lions don’t turn it around this year, Matt Millen can look forward to a long career in the announcer’s booth.

It still begs the question, though — are the Lions really that bad, or are the Rams really that good? Their defense tore through the Lions’ offensive line like it was one of those gigantic paper signs your high school team runs through before kickoff. Plus, RB Stephen Jackson and QB Marc Bulger both looked solid, and judging from his sideline interview, Marshall Faulk is giving Jackson his blessing. (Or at least putting on a brave face…)

Perhaps the Rams and even the Cardinals will raise the level of play from the Division of Oz this year? Granted, that won’t take much, but unless the Packers’ O-line mans up and Kyle Orton turns into Peyton Manning overnight, the NFC North could take the NFC West’s title of “Worst Division in the NFL.” When Mike Tice’s Vikings are your lead dog, the view is even worse than usual…

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