Just some friendly competition

You think Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are competing with each other to see who can be the most controversial? I can imagine the two of them IMing each other and having a conversation like this…

TOis1337: OMG Im spankin ya, kid.
OaktownKing18: wtf
TOis1337: All the media ratz are lookin at me.
TOis1337: They forgot your limo alredy.
TOis1337: I own your @$$.
OaktownKing18: theyll forget you tomorrow
TOis1337: Shutup.
OaktownKing18: wait till i play my card
OaktownKing18: ratz will scurry 2 me
OaktownKing18: just watch
TOis1337: You teh suck yo.
OaktownKing18: just watch

The next day, Moss comes out in an interview and says, “I have used, y’know, marijuana.” And T.O. suddenly gets less coverage on ESPN. He’s just sitting back and shaking his head, thinking, “You won today, Randy, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…”

Funny, but I can’t remember Steve Largent and Lynn Swann pulling crap like this…

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