Judge: T.O. won’t be ready

Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline has a hunch that Terrell Owens won’t play in the Super Bowl.

It’s probably a good one. Sure, T.O. was jumping around yesterday and stopped just short of stealing some pom-poms from the Eagles’ cheerleaders, the only people in Philly to sell more 2005 calendars than T.O. himself. His ankle sprain, however, is similar to the one WR Steve Smith of the Panthers suffered in the first game of the season, and Smith was supposed to be out at least 8 weeks. The period between T.O.’s injury and the Super Bowl? Six weeks.

Owens may be the most physically fit guy on the planet, but if he makes it out on that field at all, it will be with the most heavily-taped, cortisone-filled leg you’ve ever seen. Don’t hold your breath, folks.

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