Is Plax leaving Pittsburgh?

Steelers WR Plaxico Burress hasn’t been thrilled with his role in the offense the last few weeks. Now that he’s a free agent, he may look for greener pastures.

Of course, he’s going to say that. Receivers are selfish bastards by nature. They want the ball all the time, and the only way they get it is if someone gives it to them. Burress didn’t get the ball much since his hamstring injury in Cincinnati, in part because he was sidelines, but also because he never really got back into the flow of the offense.

Lots of teams will want a big target like Burress. The Baltimore Ravens are desperate for weapons at receiver and may be making a play for Randy Moss. If Moss leaves Minnesota, Burress may just end up a Viking. Kansas City could use some receivers, though they need defense more. Seattle is desperate for someone with reliable hands. Jacksonville has been looking for a complement for Jimmy Smith ever since Keenan McCardell bolted for Tampa Bay.

Naturally, I’d like to see Plax remain a Steeler, but he’s clearly unhappy in this offense, and it’s a good market for receivers right now. Free agent wideouts will have plenty of suitors. Hell, for all I know, Muhsin Muhammad may replace Plax in Pittsburgh. That wouldn’t be so terrible, would it?

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