Hello? Copy editors? Where are you?

Man, I’m just being mean to all the journalists today.

Check out paragraph three of this Panthers-Rams preview:

After nearly shocking the football world by winning the Super Bowl last season…

Um, they won the Super Bowl? When? Did I fall into an episode of Slidershere? Wasn’t it that the Panthers shocked the world by nearly winning the Super Bowl, or by winning the NFC Championship?

Man, writing standards are dropping like a rock these days. Pretty soon, it’ll all be “PANTHERS RAMS OMG WTF BIG GAME LOL!!!!!!!”

On the other hand, here’s a more important issue — why does everyone seem to be burying the fact that Rams RB Steven Jackson has a sprained right knee? Marshall Faulk has a bruised left knee that’s been bothering him lately, which has led to Jackson getting more carries. Is it just because the Rams don’t run the ball that much? I think this sort of knowledge should be front-and-center, especially with QB Marc Bulger out, too, don’t you?

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