Halftime: Colts 16, Steelers 7

Want to see something really sad?

Jerome Bettis: 6 carries, 9 yards.
Duce Staley: 2 carries, 4 yards.
Willie Parker: 4 carries, 0 yards.

So yeah, the Colts are geared up to stop the run. Their pass rush is really jacked up tonight, too. Everyone on that defense seems to be getting tackles right when they need to, especially on 3rd down.

Speaking of which, the Steeler D is actually doing a half-decent job on 3rd down. The Colts have only converted 1 of 6. Of course, they’re still outgaining the Steelers 235 to 75, and they got a lot of short fields.

And don’t get me started about Jeff Reed’s missed field goal. How does someone that automatic at Heinz Field miss one indoors? It’s a bloody epidemic this week. Even Neil Rackers missed one yesterday. Fucking kickers…

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