GOAT gets gig, media starts chiding

There is no such thing as an objective media. No matter what journalism school teaches people about being non-biased and just presenting the facts, every writer brings his own belief system to his writing.

Take this CBS Sportsline article. Please. Here’s how it starts…

The Greatest Of All Time wants to finish his career as a backup with the Denver Broncos.

You can just feel the bitter disappointment dripping off this guy’s keyboard and gluing its USB connector into the socket, and try explaining that to your IT manager. As if it’s some horrible shame that Jerry Rice wants to get one last gig at the end of his career. Too many people are sitting on their asses and saying Rice should just walk away and call it a career. It’s the same damn story every time a great athlete holds on for a little longer than we think they should.

Shut up! How would you like it if your bosses thought you were too old to do your job and pushed you into early retirement? Let the man play. He’ll be the first to know when he can’t get open anymore. He’s earned it, and he’ll always have more catches than any of you lame media naysayers. What have you people ever caught, anyway, besides a cold and a cab?

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