End of 3rd: Colts 23, Steelers 7

My friend Victor is somewhere in the Hoosier Dome nosebleed seats. He’s got a rolled up sign that reads, “Dear Mr. Shula: You’re welcome.” Something tells me he’s not going to be able to roll that out tonight.

Another friend of mine up there called me and told me that obstructed-view seats were going for $500 on the street before the game. I almost bought nosebleed seats in July for $150. Right now, I’m glad I saved my money.

The onside kick just gave momentum back to the Colts. They didn’t score on their second drive, but they ate up more clock than Albert ate steak tonight, and down three scores with no clear ability to run the ball or break a big play, it’s clear that the Steelers are in trouble.

Conversation at this table has devolved into how reality TV has peaked. That’s how bad it feels right now…

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