End of 1st: Colts 10, Steelers 7

For a minute, I wondered if it could get any worse for Pittsburgh. Then came Troy Polamalu.

With the Colts pinned deep in their own and looking to make another move, Troy got the jump on Marvin Harrison, intercepted a Peyton Manning pass and set up the Steelers with 1st & goal at the 6.

Of course, the way the Steelers’ offense has been going, it only made sense that Pittsburgh scored on a 13-yard TD pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Hines Ward. Two false start penalties set that up. It’s yesterday’s Giants game all over again.

All told, though, the Steeler offense has gained about, oh, 2 yards in that half. Willie Parker was totally ineffective. Let’s see if the Bus can do any better…

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