Eagles sign construction worker

Jeff Thomason played pro football for 10 years. He has been out of football since 2002. He works as a project manager for a construction company in New Jersey. He competes in ironman triathlons on the side to stay in shape.

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles called him and asked if he would fill in for injured tight end Chad Lewis in the Super Bowl. Thomason agreed and will take the two weeks’ vacation time he has accrued to prepare for and play in the game.

Seriously, take that script to a Hollywood producer and see how quickly you get laughed out of the office.

Granted, Thomason isn’t exactly in virgin territory. Thomason played for the Green Bay Packers for five years and has a ring from Super Bowl XXXI, in which the Packers beat the New England Patriots, 35-21. Andy Reid was an assistant coach under Mike Holmgren back then before he became head coach of the Eagles. Plus, Thomason played for Reid’s Eagles from 2000 to 2002, so he has plenty of experience with Reid’s west coast offense.

It’s not like Thomason will jump right in and start, either. L.J. Smith will take Lewis’ starting spot in the Super Bowl, while Thomason will be the second tight-end option off the bench.

Still, it’s hard to look at this story and not think the Eagles are just signing guys off the street to play in the Super Bowl…

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