Colts 10, Jaguars 3

Byron Leftwich is the Terminator. Seriously, you can roll his ankle, slam him to the ground, whatever. He won’t quit. He’ll get up, limp to the line, and make a play. Remember when his linemen carried him to the line of scrimmage back at Marshall? They almost had to do it again today.

And he almost did it again, driving the Jaguars to the Colts’ 20 and nearly getting them in the end zone. In fact, it looked like they should have had another shot, but some apparent defensive penalties went uncalled, and the Colts escaped with a win.

How good is the Jacksonville D? Peyton Manning had no TD passes today. When was the last time THAT happened?

Keep an eye on the Jags. They will be a team nobody wants to face this year…

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