Broncos 24, Cowboys 21

After Denver won the toss, Ron Dayne busted out a 55-yard run in overtime that set up a chip shot for Jason Elam.

Yes, Giants fans, THAT Ron Dayne. I bet you’re glad you cut him now, huh?

Perhaps you should be, because for the moment, the Giants have a half-game lead over the Cowboys. If they beat Seattle on Sunday, they take sole possession of first place in the NFC East. Good place to be.

For being named the game’s MVP, Dayne got a cheesy iron trophy and a blueberry cobbler made by Phil Simms’ mom. In the back of his mind, Dayne is probably thinking, “Shit, Deion Branch got a Cadillac…”

Parents are probably all footballed out, though I’ll leave the TV on the Pitt-WVU game before I go, because they dig the Backyard Brawl. Hope you guys had a good holiday. Do yourselves a favor and sleep in tomorrow. Online stores are always open, after all.

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