March 7, 2021

Bad logic

Our woman in Charlotte, Jenna Fryer of AP, is jumping to some strange conclusions.

One day after Marvin Harrison signed a fresh 6-year deal with the Colts for an obscene amount of cash — to be fair, Harrison’s earned every penny — Fryer suggested that Muhsin Muhammad might leave Carolina after this season, because they won’t be able to pay him enough money.

That’s quite a leap, isn’t it? I mean, does Harrison’s deal really have that much impact on what Muhammad will do later? More importantly, why make this a story now, with the Panthers on a hot streak that could very well help them get into the playoffs?

The only real conclusion you can draw from Harrison’s deal is this: the Colts defense will continue to suck for years to come. This is the new Air Coryell, people. Get used to it.

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