As the Ankle Turns

The doc says no. The man himself says yes. The trainer says probably. What’s the status of Terrell Owens? Michael Bradley of CNN/SI takes the piss out of the whole story and leaves me strangely entertained by the image of a sleep-deprived Sal Paolantonio…

The worst part about all of this is that fans — particularly those in Philadelphia — will be subjected for the next week-plus to daily (hourly?) reports on T.O.’s status. ESPN has decided that Sal Paolantonio will not sleep until he finds out whether Owens will indeed play, even if that means getting an exclusive interview with the two-inch screw residing in the receiver’s leg. Forget about the two great defensive coordinators, the quarterback battle between Tom Brady and Donovan McNabb or whether Bill Belichick will ever consent to that personality transplant. It’s all T.O., all the time.

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