March 24, 2019

Usain Bolt Tries Gaelic Football

We’ve already seen Usain Bolt have a mini-kickabout at the Bernabeu, but how is he when he has the option to use his hands? The boys from Kerry County found out recently, as they taught the world’s fastest man a few of the finer points of Gaelic Football. Given Bolt’s height and speed, I’m surprised they didn’t offer him citizenship on the spot.

Then again, Bolt probably would have heard how much GAA players actually make and politely declined.

If you’re new to this blog and unfamiliar with Gaelic Football, click here for some basic info. We don’t discuss Gaelic Football that often here, but it’s even more of a national obsession in Ireland than the NFL is here in America.

(Thanks, Coachie Ballgames.)

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