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New York
January 24, 2019

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No gas face for Jay Feely

Not this week, anyway. Two weeks removed from a kicker’s worst nightmare, Feely made 4 field goals today, including a 38-yard game-winner in OT to…


Cowboys 31, Chiefs 28

After a long drive, Dallas had 4th & goal on the 4, and Kansas City got called for a rather obvious defensive holding penalty, giving…


Overtime in the Illadelph

The Giants and Eagles are tied at 23 at the end of regulation. The Redskins fans behind me are rooting for the Eagles and Chiefs…


Drew Brees gets the gas face

With 2:31 left and the Chargers down by 6, Drew Brees’ offensive line left the safety blitz through, forcing a Brees fumble deep in San…


Overheard behind me

“Look how ugly the Cardinals’ new stadium is.” “It’s not done yet, you moron.” “Ha ha!”


Peter Warrick lives!

We have a Peter Warrick sighting. He’s wearing a Seattle Seahawks uniform, and he’s playing garbage time with Seneca Wallace in Seattle, where the Seahawks…